Uplift Glam: “Uplifting your image one piece at a time”

Uplift Glam is a virtual store and, equally important, a fashion and uplifting words project. We seek to uplift your image one piece, and uplifting and comforting message, at a time. Our idea arises from our passion for fashion and dressing well; our appreciation for writing and books, but above all, from our love of God and our joy of being of service to others. At Uplift Glam, we know women sometimes experience moments of pain, frustration, and fatigue. We understand many of us are in need of a word of encouragement, something that makes us feel beautiful, desired, motivated. In other words, to feel empowered and like we can take on anything. With this in mind, our mission is to provide you with a safe haven. A place where you can feel loved, beautiful and accepted. A place where you can find that piece of apparel, accessory or just that kind word which will uplift your image, your mood and help you get through your day.
Uplift Glam works directly with distributors, for this reason, it doesn’t have a physical inventory and orders are managed directly from our page www.upliftglam.com. God willing, soon we will announce the opening of Uplift Glam Online Boutique. This will be the site where you can find a variety of clothing styles, accessories and shoes. We will have the ability to ship to the United States and Puerto Rico and all orders will be processed through our webpage and/or by the owner and founder: Sherry Elaine Cuadrado Oyola.
We would also like to note that over the years, our founder has experienced episodes of anxiety and panic attacks. She has been able to work and overcome this with the help of God, her family and professionals. Because of her faith, her perseverance, the encouragement and love she has received, she is still standing and wants others to be able to stand tall too. Sherry is also a firm believer that God has put resources in this world to help us work out every situation and difficulty that we go through. This is why Uplift Glam will donate 5% of its sales to non-profit organizations dedicated to developing tools for the benefit of mental health. Along the way, we will be working on several projects dedicated to this and other issues we care and feel strongly about and we want you to be part of it all! We want to offer you an enriching experience, kinship and a lot of glam.
Thank you for being part of our trajectory, for your support and, above all, for believing in us!
Uplift Glam es una tienda virtual y un proyecto de moda y palabras de edificación en donde buscamos elevar tu imagen una pieza a la vez. Nuestra idea surge del gusto por la moda y el buen vestir; del amor a Dios, del amor a la escritura y los libros y del amor al servicio. En Uplift Glam sabemos que las mujeres en ocasiones experimentamos momentos de dolor, de frustración, y de cansancio. Entendemos que muchas estamos en necesidad de una palabra de aliento, de algo que nos haga sentir hermosas, deseadas, motivadas y empoderadas. Nuestra misión es que encuentres en este espacio un lugar seguro, un lugar en donde puedas sentirte amada, hermosa y aceptada. Un lugar en donde puedas encontrar esa pieza de ropa, ese accesorio o esa palabra de edificación que eleve tu imagen, tu ánimo y tu día. Uplift Glam trabaja directamente con distribuidores, no tiene inventario físico y las órdenes son por pedidos a través de www.upliftglam.com. Nuestra meta es inaugurar muy pronto, Uplift Glam Online Boutique, en donde podrás encontrar variedad de estilos de ropa, accesorios y zapatos. Haremos envíos a Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico y todos serán procesados por la dueña y fundadora del proyecto: Sherry Elaine Cuadrado Oyola.
A través de los años, nuestra fundadora ha experimentado episodios de ansiedad y ataques de pánico. Con la ayuda de Dios, de sus familiares y de ayuda profesional ha podido sobrellevar cada momento y seguir en pie. Sherry es fiel creyente que Dios ha puesto recursos en el mundo para poder ayudarnos con cada situación y dificultad que podamos atravesar. Es por esto que Uplift Glam donará 5% de sus ventas a organizaciones sin fines de lucro dedicadas a desarrollar herramientas para el beneficio de la salud mental. ¡A lo largo del camino estaremos trabajando varios proyectos y queremos que seas parte de ellos! Queremos ofrecerte una experiencia enriquecedora, mucha hermandad y mucho glam.
¡Gracias por ser parte de nuestra trayectoria, por el apoyo y por creer en nosotros!

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